Benefits of Arranging a Pre-shipment Inspection for Amazon Sellers


1. Catch issues at the source

Detecting problems before your products leave the factory gives you the option to ask the factory to fix them at their expense. This takes more time to ship your goods but you have the ability to make sure they meet your requirements before leaving factory.


2.Avoid lower returns, negative feedback and suspension

If you decide to arrange a Pre-Shipment Inspection before your products arrive at your customers’, you’ll avoid dealing with numerous returns, save yourself from negative customer feedback, protect your brand reputation and delete the risk of an account suspension by Amazon.


3.Get better product’s quality

Arranging a Pre-Shipment Inspection automatically increases the quality of your goods. The factory knows you are serious about quality and so they will pay more attention to your order to avoid the risk of having to rework your products at their expense.


4. Prepare an accurate product listing

Your product description on Amazon should match your actual product quality. Once the Pre-Shipment Inspection has been completed, you get a full review of your product’s quality. You are ready to List your product on Amazon with the most accurate details. For better results, ask your QC to send you production samples that are most representative of the entire batch. This way you can prepare the most accurate product listing based on the actual item. You could also take the opportunity to photo shoot your production samples and use those pictures to present your product on Amazon.”


5. Lower your risks by verifying Amazon’s packaging and labeling requirements

Packaging and labelling expectations are very specific to every single buyer/importer.You may choose to gloss over these details but doing so will put your Amazon account at risk. Instead, pay careful attention to
Amazon’s requirements and include them as part of your specifications to both your
manufacturer  and inspector. When selling on Amazon, especially for Amazon FBA sellers, this is a critical point that must be carefully verified before shipping any goods to the Amazon warehouse. The pre-shipment inspection is the best timing to verify that your China supplier has implemented all of your specific requirements. However, you must make sure your third-party inspection company knows about Fulfill By Amazon requirements as it will affect the inspection scope.

Why Choose TTS as Your FBA Inspection Product Partner

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