Container Loading Inspections(LS) service are monitoring the entire loading process.


The inspector check that your order is complete and securely loaded into the container before shipment. This inspection is the final opportunity to confirm compliance with your requirements in terms of quantity, assortment, and packaging.


The following aspects will be checked as following:

l                      Record the weather/ arrival time of container/ container No. / truck No.

l                      Check the inner & outer condition of the container

l                      Check the quantity of goods loaded and record the condition of outer packaging (master cartons/ pallets)

l                      Randomly draw and open some cartons to verify that the goods meet with client's specification.

l                      Supervise the whole loading process.

l                      Record the seal No. and departure time of container.

l                      A daily report including detailed digital photos will be issued.


Why are Container Loading Supervision services important?

The hard use and handling of shipping containers result in problems that can impact the quality of your goods during transport. We see a breakdown of weatherproofing around doors, damage other structure, ingress of water from leaks and the resultant mold or rotting wood.

Additionally, some suppliers do enforce particular lading methods by employees, resulting in poorly packed containers, thereby increasing costs or damaged goods from poor stacking.

A container loading supervision can help mitigate these issues, saving you time, aggravation, loss of goodwill with customers, and money.