The During Production Inspection (DPI) is a quality control inspection conducted while production is underway, and is especially good for products that are in continuous production, that have strict requirements for on-time shipments, and as a follow-up when quality issues are found prior to manufacturing during a pre-production inspection.



These quality control inspections are conducted during production when only 10-15% of the products are completed. During this inspection, we will identify deviations, and give feedback on corrective measures. In addition, we will re-check defects during the pre-shipment inspection to confirm they have been corrected.


At each stage of production process, our inspector will produce a full and detailed inspection report, together with supporting pictures to provide you will the comprehensive information and data you need.


The following aspects will be checked:

l                      The production status during the manufacturing process

l                      The production lines & capability

l                      Raw materials, main components and accessories

l                      The semi-finished and finished products at random

l                      The package details and packing material


A detailed report is issued with digital photos to explain all relevant information and make recommendations, if any.